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In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, the KMEH/CIGMAT Centre for Geographic Information of Matagalpa) was created after Hurricane Mitch in 1999. Its overall goal was to improve the resilience of the territory to natural disasters and support local development and environmental planning processes by using satellite imagery and advanced geographic information systems (GIS). Based on this innovative asset, a consortium of 15 municipalities sharing the Rio Matagalpa watershed has been supported to develop high quality social ecological rehabilitation and risk management plans in urban and rural areas. TASK also supports the local University UNAN that has become -based on this experience, a key center for training.

In N’Bour, Senegal, the IRD (Institute of Research for Development) has developed in early 2000 in partnership with the University of Dakar (UCAD) a KMEH dedicated to coastal zone integrated management. This initiative capitalizes over 50 years of research in local agriculture, fisheries, urbanization and long-term observations on the relation between local communities and ecosystems. Modelling complex nature-society systems has contributed to make KMEH M’Bour a pole of excellence

In Luang-Prabang, Laos, the KMEH was originated in response to increasing difficulties faced by local communities in addressing social ecological disturbances following rapid economic growth. IRD has gathered a solid cluster of local and french research teams to carry out basic and applied studies that are brought to the attention of provincial authorities. High-level education programs are capitalizing on participatory research processing carry out at community level.

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