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1. The TASK initiative has been created to accompany regions in their efforts to adapt, mitigate and manage environmental vulnerabilities.

2. TASK shares the conviction that it is at territorial level where most actions to adapt to climate and global change should be implemented.

3. TASK brings the most updated scientific information and knowledge to local authorities and civil society. The goal is to provide knowledge inputs that facilitate the design of sustainable and resilient development strategies through improved interaction between the social, ecological and economic sciences.

4. TASK seeks to be an interface between the external scientific community and local institutions, in order to jointly develop research, environmental models and strategies. The overall goal is to empower territorial authorities and civil society to take action on climate change and global changes.

“Sustainable Knowledge” means recovering endogenous knowledge; setting up permanent mechanisms that facilitate joint ventures between scientific external assistance and local entities; and creating knowledge banks that can assist decisionmakers in designing territorial environmental policies and strategies.

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Vendredi 22 Juin 2012 / 14:00 - 15:30

Pavillon France

Parc des athlètes, Barra de Tijuca Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

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Michel LAURENT, IRD Peter GILRUTH, PNUE Barbara RYAN, OMM José ACHACHE, GEO Ronan DANTEC, Porteparole des villes à la convention climat Virginie SCHWARTZ, ADEME